How He Seduced The Escort

How He Seduced The Escort

Women are known to be the best in seduction. However, men who have skills can also seduce a woman into the bedroom. This is a story of a young man we’ll call John, who has been asked a few times by his buddies to give their special weekend place a try. After hearing some of the stories these guys told and fantasizing about it for some time now, he decided to take the plunge and attend.

John pulled up to the mansion and saw that his buddy’s description was not off. The lovely woman who answered the door took his overcoat and showed him to the bar, where his friends were waiting.
“Just wait until you see what we’ve got lined up for you”, his friend Steve said. “She’s going to knock your socks off!”

She arrived at the party an hour later than expected but John was relaxed and knew his friends had everything planned. She immediately walked up to John and, taking him by the hand lead him upstairs to one tf the empty “playrooms”. As she placed her bag on a chair, John moved behind her, placed his arms around her waist and, when she showed no resistance, he started nibbling her ear. She whispered that the door was still unlocked. He quickly locked the door and got back to her who, by then, had turned around to receive him.

She looked into his eyes and their faces came closer and they kissed. His cock instantly became as hard as a rock. As their hands quickly explored one another’s bodies, all he could think about was her breasts. He had been wanting to see them since he first saw her. When he removed her bra, his erection was even harder than before.

He licked her nipples gently and she enjoyed every moment. It was clear that John was not too experienced, but he caught on quick. She started moaning as he ran his hands along her body, and stretched his hand down to her vagina. It was wet and calling out his name.

Now trembling with pleasure, John explored the better part of her vagina while she grabbed his hair and moaned even more. She too decided to give John a treat and she pushed him back into the pillows as she reached for his hard cock. It was the best blow job he had ever received, and John remembers this encounter fondly as one of the best he’s ever had.

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